You Better Not Cry By: Augusten Burroughs

This was a typical Augusten Burroughs book, except it was about Christmas stories from throughout his life. He managed to turn depressing stories into funny life lessons. This is why he is one of my favorite authors. He starts the book with his childhood fascination with Christmas and his confusion between Santa and Jesus. He had a rough childhood and a long problem with alcoholism. One of the turning points of his alcohol problems was actually on Christmas, when he woke up from a three-day alcohol induced black out  and was sleeping on the street with a group of homeless people. One of the women went for a walk with him and sang for him. Unknowingly, she sang his favorite song. His life was changed. Later, he had found the love of his life, and he finally thought he would get a calm Christmas, but then his pipes broke in their new house. While they had a hell of a mess, they still managed to make it their own. I loved this book and Augusten Burroughs continues to amaze me with his passionate writing and dark sense of humor.

Rachel Beyer

I am a full time engineer and a part time blogger/writer. I am passionate about reading, writing, biking, volleyball, and my pets.