Wild By: Cheryl Strayed

Pages: 315
Date Finished: 1/8/15

I love this book more than I thought I would. This book is a memoir of a woman at age 26 decided to hike one of the most (if not the most) gruesome trail in America. She adventured from Southern California up through Oregon and even into Washington. I do love memoirs, but in this book her reason for walking made me uneasy. Her mom had died four years earlier and she had been mourning the entire time. This is not the kind of grieving I personally go through so it was hard for me to understand the endurance of her extreme sadness. Once I empathized more I was touche by both the physical and psychological adventures she endured on the six month wilderness hike she went on through the mountains. It is an inspiring story told in a way where every hurdle felt like a physical hurdle for me as well. Her encounters with wild life, hunger, and sexist men impacted my emotions as I read. She had every form of obstacle put in front of her and she endured and needless to say has been inspiring to me.

Rachel Beyer

I am a full time engineer and a part time blogger/writer. I am passionate about reading, writing, biking, volleyball, and my pets.