We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves By: Karen Jay Fowler

I enjoyed reading every moment and page of this book. It was both witty and emotional and the writing was captivating. This book was about a girl, Rosemary Cooke, as an adult, narrating her life. For the first five years of her life she grew up as a twin. Her sister and twin was actually a chimp. Obviously her childhood was unique. She also had an older brother, human, named Lowell. At age five, Fern, her sister was sent away to a 'farm' which ended up being a research lab where she was caged and abused. Rosemary grew up thinking this was her fault and was traumatized at losing her twin. Her brother was also traumatized and when he turned 18 he ran away to try and save Fern. He then spent his adult life performing arson and vandalism to animal labs. Rosemary only saw him once, when she was in college, before he was picked up by the FBI. Rosemary then dedicated her life to Fern. Eventually she was moved to a sanctuary where they could see each other. Rosemary also educated people on animal rights. I loved this book from cover to cover. It was inspiring and filled with love and passion for those we call family.

Rachel Beyer

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