Unbroken By: Laura Hillenbrand

Pages: 473
Finished: 1/20/2015

This book blew my mind away. It is a true World War II story told unlike anything I have read. The main Character, Louie was an Olympic track athlete and competed in the Berlin games just prior to World War II. He met Hitler in person! Crazy. His brother was in Hawaii during Pearl Harbor. Louie led a disastrous life where he was drafted into the Air Force and at one point his bomber crashed into the ocean where two of his crew mates were the only other survivors. They had no food and lived on a raft for 47 days with no supplies. They were alive (one had died) when they finally hit land, only it was occupied by the Japanese. They were then tortured, starved, sick and forced to work hard labor for years until the war ended. Japan did not follow the internationally established laws for POW's. When they eventually were freed, Louie had an extremely hard time adjusting, but he did end up living into his 80's and had a healthy family. This story was remarkable and it is hard to believe it is true.

Rachel Beyer

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