Twelve By: Nick McDonell

This book was a great quick and suspenseful read. I cannot believe the author was only 17 when he wrote it. The book chronicles the lives of wealthy New York high schoolers on their winter break. It jumps between kids every chapter. Being from the same area, many of them are familiar with each other or have some degree of separation. Most of their parents aren't home or are not active in their lives. Most of them buy pot from a guy called 'white Mike.' Interestingly enough, he doesn't do drugs himself, he just deals them. His cousin is also a dealer, but gets murdered a few chapters into the book. A lot of the kids deal with acne or the desire to have sex or be popular. It ALL climaxes on the LAST page SPOILER of the book when one of the kids has a huge New Years Eve party. One of the drug dealers at the party shoots a different dealer and then the hosts brother shoots up the rest of the house, killing a lot of people. It got really intense, really fast and then ended.

Rachel Beyer

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