This Crowded Earth By: Robert Bloch

This book was fascinating. It was written in 1958 and is a dystopian novel starting in the late 1990's and ending in 2065. It mostly follows the life of one individual, Harry Collins. He lived in the overpopulated City of Chicagee, a monster city that includes Chicago, Indianapolis, and Milwaukee. In Chicagee, the number of rooms you had to live in was equal to the number of people in your household. Everyone ate synthetic food and only worked 5 hour days due to the traffic and several hour commutes. Harry decided to attempt suicide which ended him in an experimental science facility. Eventually the government was so desperate for space they turned to giving women shots which would make their babies midgets (also called yard sticks). Not enough research was done and future generations were weak to the point of not being able to walk. A civil war broke out between big and small people. To say this book was well thought out to the most minute detail is an understatement.

Rachel Beyer

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