The Other Wes Moore

This was one of the most eye-opening books I have ever read. I read it in two days. He tells the parable lives of two boys who were born in the same neighborhood in Baltimore, to single mothers, with the same name. One grew up to be extremely successful and the other serving life in prison. Growing up, both boys got into their fair share of trouble, ranging from flights to drugs. Their paths diverged when one of the mothers sent her son to military school. There, he met the mentors that probably saved his life. The location of their lives, Baltimore, is fascinating in itself. It is currently at the height of the news for police violence against black and is very interesting that I happened to pick this book up during this time. This book describes the kids as young as nine getting into selling drugs, being a parent before going to high school, and being a grandparent by the age of 30. On the other hand a very successful speaker and politician came out of the same fold and isn't the only to do so. This book was as inspiring as it was sad. It is proof of the importance of decisions we make and how they affect our lives. It truly made me realize and attempt to empathize with children in these dire situations.

Rachel Beyer

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