The Martian By: Andy Weir

This book was awesome. Basically, the protagonist, Mark Whatney, is on a mission to Mars and, in a freak accident, gets left behind. He now has to survive on mars for almost 700 days. The book is told from the perspective of his log with some parts told from NASA or from the crew who thought he was dead. The book is extremely scientifically minded. It runs through, in as much detail as possible, a lot of the different processes and fixes to issues. Mark is a botanist and mechanical engineer (along with being an astronaut) so he manages to make his slim food rations last while he grows potatoes using his poop... He uses his crewmates individual entertainment of books and movies to keep himself busy when he isn't struggling for survival. Obviously, everything that could go wrong does go wrong, but he manages to think and engineer his way through all of the problems that are thrown at him (sometimes literally).

Rachel Beyer

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