The Girls With Seven Names: A North Korean Defector's Story By: Hyeonseo Lee

I have no words to explain this book. We hear about the atrocities that happen in North Korea, but hearing it from a defector... it makes it more personal and closer to home. Something I loved about this book was how she portrayed her difficulty in leaving North Korea.. despite the regime they live under, North Koreans are unaware of what freedom means. In fact most of them defect due to hunger rather than for freedom. She talks about her regret of leaving for years. She cut off all ties to her family. Had to create many new identities to keep herself safe. When she left as a 17 year old, she never even knew if she would talk to her mother or brother again and they could have been imprisoned, tortured, or killed if the government ever found out about her leaving. That is a heavy burden for a 17 year old to bear. Her determination, passion, and love for her family and all of the steps she took to see them again is inspiring. Every person should read this book to help them become better global citizens.

Rachel Beyer

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