The Girl on the Train By: Paula Hawkins

Holy intense! This book was insane. Had no idea it was a psychological thriller when I picked it up. It is the story of a girl who rides the train everyday. At one of the stops she see's her old house where her ex-husband and his new wife live, and a few doors down lives a couple who the girl, Rachel, calls Jess and Jason. She fantasizes about their perfect marriage. Rachel is also an alcoholic. One day Jess, whose real name is Megan, goes missing and is later found dead in the woods. Rachel witnessed something but was blackout drunk when it happened. Now ensues the search and interactions of this insanely well woven story. SPOILERS Turns out Jason, whose name is actually Scott, was abusive and got involved with Rachel, but is not the killer. Turns out Rachel's ex-husband Tom, was sleeping with Megan and was the murderer. He was a back character for most of the book, but his true character came out in full force when Anna, his wive, and Rachel confront him. The last pages were extremely intense but luckily he ends up dead and everyone is safe. END SPOILERS This book was SO well written, it is crazy. I could not put it down and will not forget this book for a long time.

Rachel Beyer

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