The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao By: Junot Diaz

In itself, the plot of this book was simple, but the history, relationships, and desires were extremely complex. On the simple side: Oscar Wao grew up extremely overweight, even more nerdy, and without any friends. His only desire in life was to kiss a girl. His family was from the Dominican Republic and were apparently cursed by the fuku. On a more complex level, his mother was orphaned, beaten, and burned by her 'father' at the time. Eventually a family member took her and cared for her until she got herself into trouble by getting pregnant from a man who was married to the dictators sister. This ended up in her being beaten almost to death and they gave her an abortion. She then moved to New York at age 16, fearing for her life. Needless to say, the family fuku was present in her too. Oscar survived one suicide attempt and finished college lonelier than ever. He moved home and visited the Dominican Republic where he fell in love with a captain's girlfriend (sound familiar?) They beat him within an inch of his life. He went back though and kissed a girl for the first time and had sex. Then he was murdered for his actions. He died for love. This book was a telenovela. It was amazingly written and was an even better read.

Rachel Beyer

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