The Thousandth Floor By: Katharine McGee

The Thousandth Floor was electric. shocking. amazing. beautiful. unique. Told from multiple perspectives, this book was fast paced and kept me on edge. It wasn't a thriller, but it read like one, pulling me in from the first sentence and not letting me go until the very last word. The book takes place in New York, in the future. The city is basically a massive skyscraper with 1,000 floors and houses the vast majority of the city population. Most people don't even leave the tower because it has everything society needs, full malls, gyms, school systems, churches, grocery stores, parks, the whole schabang. There is even a public transportation system. The world they live in is amazing and wonderful and royally messed up, just like our world. The characters have flaws and are dynamic and relatable. I cannot recommend this book enough!

Rachel Beyer

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