The Hate U Give By: Angie Thomas

Please note: I have been trying to find the words to review this book for days now, and I still cannot find any suitable way to describe the complexity, depth, and just plain humanity of this book. I have never read a book talking about race so honestly that pulled me in so deep. Here is my attempt at a review:

The Hate U Give shook me to the core. It opened up the world of hard conversations and even harder realities. If I were to describe this book in two words it would be perspective and empathy. I can honestly say I have never even come close to being in a situation like Starr was put into. Angie Thomas took a near impossible situation to understand and somehow made it relatable. I felt WITH Starr, as a piece of her, not as a reader sitting in my living room with a book in my hand. It transformed the entire reading experience and took me to a world that exists right outside my doorstep that I never have and never will understand; however, this is a giant step in the understanding of just how deep race runs in our culture.

Rachel Beyer

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