This Adventure Ends By: Emma Mills

This was an adventure of a story where the main character, Sloane, and her family have moved from New York to Florida. Sloane befriends a set »

It Started With Goodbye By: Christina June

This modern retelling of Cinderella was as heartwarming as it was surprising. Tatum, the main character, gets herself into some trouble and has a summer full »

Melody's Key By: Dallas Coryell

I can't quite pinpoint why I love this book so much or what about it pulled me in SO deeply, but it did, and I am »

Even if the Sky Falls By: Mia Garcia

What an amazingly romantic and adventurous book set in New Orleans. Two teens, one a New Orleans native and one on a mission trip meet and »

After You By: Jojo Moyes

Weirdly enough, I actually enjoyed this book more than Me Before You. I connected more with Louisa and really enjoyed the character and plot development. The »