The Pixar Theory By: Jon Negroni

This book outlines the theory that all Pixar movies are intertwined and take place in the same "universe." It was an overall interesting read, but wasn't »

Paddy Whacked By: T.J. English

This is by far my favorite book club book we have read. It was a challenging, interesting, and fascinating read on the Irish American Mob since »

Me Before You By: Jojo Moyes

This was quite the emotional book. It is about a girl, Louisa, who is hired to be a caretaker for a quadriplegic man named Will. This »

Orphan Train By: Christina Baker Kline

This book was heartbreaking, beautiful, and inspiring. This is the story of an orphan not only in a strange place, but also having gone through tragic »

Necessary Lies By: Diane Chamberlain

This book was so intense and heartbreaking. It paralleled two stories of a social worker and a 15-year old girl whose family is on welfare and »