Station Eleven By: Emily St. John Mandel

This book was intense and very fast paced. One day the world was there and the next, civilization as we know it was almost completely gone. A pandemic called the Georgia flu wiped out almost everyone on Earth within two weeks. The disease could be transferred through the air so if one person had it on an airplane, everyone had it. The people who did survive were not enough to continue society so everything stopped. No more cell service, internet, electricity, cars, air conditioning, anything. People took to wandering, salvaging what they could. The main story line followed a traveling symphony/ play group who performed Shakespeare. They used gutted pick-up trucks pulled by horses to carry their stuff. They hunted to survive. People counted years starting from the day the pandemic changed their lives. A girl named Kirsten, who was eight when it happens is one of the main characters. It follows how she learned to hunt and survive, how she had to kill 3 people who tried to kill her. It is pretty crazy to think about and imagine.

Rachel Beyer

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