Shrill: Notes From a Loud Woman By: Lindy West

This book was pretty fantastic. It is a memoir-esque book written by Lindy West about her experiences as a female writer and comedian and as a female in general. She talks about fat shaming, abortion, internet trolls, and being your own person. Lindy is passionate, interesting, funny, and a beautiful human being (from what I can tell). She is strong and confident in what she believes in and does not back down for anyone or anything. I loved this book and was very inspired by her as an individual and her writing. While everyones beliefs might not line up with hers, she discusses them in an educational and explanatory way as opposed to preachy and trying to get you to see her way. I love how she states her life choices, discusses them and her reasoning and then moves on. Her prose is beautiful and I loved the book.

Rachel Beyer

I am a full time engineer and a part time blogger/writer. I am passionate about reading, writing, biking, volleyball, and my pets.