Sharp Objects By: Gillian Flynn

This is Gillian Flynn's first book and it was amazing. An extremely good choice for a plane ride! SPOILERS It is told from a first person narrator named Camille. She etched words into her skin with knives and spent some time in rehab. Camille is a journalist who is sent to write about two murders in her home town in small town Missouri. Her mom is weird. She tells Camille she hates her. She also had two other daughters, one who had died several years earlier. The youngest is 13 at the time of the story and is quite the rebel. She was doing drugs, drinking and having sex. Camille's mom was very sensitive about the murders. As time went on, she figured more and more out. Turns out her mom was actually poisoning the daughters so she could take care of them. The mom was originally arrested for the murders of all the girls and Amma, the sister sent to live with Camille. Then Amma's only close friend turned up dead. In the end Amma is the killer but their mom was sentenced in the killing of their middle sister by poison. Gillian Flynn is a brilliant writer with a sick mind. This book was amazing and riveting.

Rachel Beyer

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