Review of eStories

eStories (an audiobook platform) contacted me to do a review of their system. I was given a free book of my choice to listen to in exchange for an honest review. Here are my thoughts:

1. The app and website was user friendly
2. The audiobook was split up by chapter, not by hour. I liked having the shorter sections (depending on how long the chapter was)
3. The sound was clear and crisp.

1. The app crashed twice while listening to the book.
2. If I got a phone call while listening, the app wouldn't let me restart listening from the lock screen, I had to unlock my phone to start it again.

Those are really the only cons I can think of. It was an overall enjoyable experience and the glitches I encountered are all fixable with updates.

If you love audiobooks, I would definitely give this platform a shot!

Check it out here:

From eStories:, an audiobook service allows customers to choose from over 80,000 bestselling titles and new releases. You can get your first audiobook for free now.

Additionally, eStories:
• Is the most affordable service out there at $11.95/month, and for a limited time you get your first audiobook for free. • works with ALL devices from ALL brands • one account can connect to up to 10 devices so you can start on one and pick up listening on another • unlimited cloud storage lets you transfer and upload your existing library to your new eStories account • 80%+ audiobooks are DRM-free so you are free to do what you want with them.

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