Red Weather By: Pauls Toutonghi

This novel was alright. I didn't dislike it but it definitely is not one of my favorites. It was set in Milwaukee in the late 1980s and early 1990s, which was cool.I enjoyed the authenticity of the city of Milwaukee in the book. The book was about a boy named Yuri whose parents immigrated from Latvia during the Cold War. The story initially circles around his love for a girl at his school who, ironically, is an activist for socialism. Obviously his dad, who is also an alcoholic, is upset, but tries to explain to Yuri the realities of living under communism through his own life experiences. One such experience was when he had several fingers cut off for singing an uncensored song. Yuri's dad was a famous singer in Latvia. About halfway though the book, the iron curtain falls and several of Yuri's family members come to America and experience freedom for the first time in their lives. This book discussed important topics, still relevant and that many people experienced first hand. It was a well written book but does not top my lists.

Rachel Beyer

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