Paper Towns By: John Green

While I wasn't enraptured by this book as I was by The Fault In Our Stars, but it was still a nice, quick, entertaining read. A boy, Quentin, and a girl, Margo, grow up in Orlando area as neighbors. They knew each other since they were two and were extremely close when they were young but grew apart as their interests diverged. A month before high school graduation, Margo shows up on Quentin's window sill and they go on an amazing adventure getting harmless revenge on people who did wrong to Margo and ended the night by breaking into Sea World. The next morning, Margo is gone. Quentin follows clues, some she left intentionally and some not that he hopes will lead him to Margo. This is a pretty typical YA novel. I enjoyed it but it was nothing spectacular.

Rachel Beyer

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