Outlander By: Diana Gabaldon

I don't know what I expected this book to be, but it wasn't what I got. I loved it though. It was a historical fiction, times two, plus romance. The main character was a woman named Claire. At the start of the novel she had just come back (to England) from being a nurse in World War II. Her and her husband, Frank, were finally on their honey moon after 8 years of being married, in Scotland, where Frank was doing a family history. They observed a witches ritual one day at a stone henge. When Claire went back to collect herbs, she fell through a crevasse in the stones shot her back to the 1740's. From there it got quite violent and fast paced. She was picked up by some Scotts, where she was taken to the clan leader. There she helped healing poeple with rudimentary herbs and tools. She fell in love with one of the clansmen and eventually had to marry him in order to save her own life. As the book goes on, events, happen, people are killed, kidnapped, and accused to be witches. Her new husband, Jamie, is wanted with a price on his head. He is captured and after months of searching on foot and horseback for him, they found him almost dead and broke him out of prison. After weeks of physical and mental anguish, Claire and Jamie are reunited and have to escape somewhere else to be safe.

Rachel Beyer

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