Next By: Michael Crichton

As with all Michael Crichton books, this book was fast paced, scientific, and a truly amazing and eye opening read. It comes down to genetic modification. Most of the book was either about transgenic animals or the ownership of genes and patenting them. The animals ranged from parrots to orangutans but were entertaining. The parrot was part human and could talk on its own and even do math. One was an ape that was part human who could actually function in the human world, except, of course, when he threw his poop at someone who was bullying his brother at school. The orangutan could speak in German.  He had human tendencies but was, in fact, fully ape. Then was the fight over genes, which were cancer resistant. The genes got contaminated so they assumed they could assumed they could track down the originators daughter and grandson and take their cells. Well they were wrong. Genes were traded like money which was different and pretty scary!

Rachel Beyer

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