My Life as a Traitor By: Zarah Gharamani

Pages: 256
Finished: 3/2/15

My Life as a Traitor was an amazing memoir of a 20 year old Iranian woman who believed in freedom. Her family believed in equality and the separation of church and state. She was  raised in a very liberal household in the middle of an extremely conservative war-ridden country. She grew up privileged , always being able to go to school and never truly having to worry about money. The book is her recollection and story of her political protests when she was in college and the imprisonment, torture, and interrogation which followed. At 20 years old, she was expressing her beliefs publicly, under a nasty and strict regime. She was picked up by police one day on her way to class. Zarah was then interrogated, degraded (by shaving her head) and beaten for a month before she was released. During her time in prison she be-befriended the prisoner above her, a mad-man who had endured for ten years in his cell. Between his crazy shouting and screaming they became friends and he helped her through her time. I thought this book was fascinating and am inspired by Zarah's bravery and compassion for her freedom and what she truly believes in.

Rachel Beyer

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