It Started With Goodbye By: Christina June

This modern retelling of Cinderella was as heartwarming as it was surprising. Tatum, the main character, gets herself into some trouble and has a summer full of volunteer work and dealing with the harsh restrictions of her step-mother while her father is away. Additionally, she has to deal with her all to perfect step-sister, Tilly. In her spare time (which there is a lot of) she develops her own secret business doing graphic design, mostly for art students at the prestigious high school nearby looking to build college portfolios.

Tatum works through a lot of challenges in this book and develops and matures in a way only teenagers can when they finally learn about their parents faults, quirks, and that they might not be out to get them and make their lives miserable. This was a fun read based off of a classic fairy tale. I cannot wait for this book to hit shelves in 2017!

Thanks to NetGalley and Blink Publishers for the Advanced Reader Copy!

Rachel Beyer

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