Gone Girl By: Gillian Flynn

Pages: 555
Date Finished: 2/12/15

I read this book because everyone raved about it. When I started the book, I wasn't very impressed. It was pretty dry and did not meet the expectations I had set for the first 75 pages or so. Then it picked up. Once it did, I couldn't put the book down. The book is about a married couple, Nick and Amy. One day Amy goes missing, on their 5-year anniversary. The investigation is narrated and Amy's old diary entries are included. All of these things lead to Nick being accused of kidnapping and murdering her. SPOILER ALERT! Then Nick figures out Amy was framing him all along. She is so good there is no way to prove it. She had spent an entire year planning and plotting so there was no trace or evidence. She had saved money, framed Nick, tricked her neighbors, and faked her own kidnapping. Amy is a true psychopath. Once Nick 'confessed' his love for her, she came back, blaming the entire thing on an old stalker whom she killed in 'self defense,' in order to escape. Nick continued trying to prove she framed everything, but she had a counter attack. She used his old frozen sperm, from when they tried to have kids, to get pregnant so he would have to stay and drop his investigations. END SPOILER ALERT! This book was amazingly twisted and really just messed up. Overall it was brilliantly written and did live up to the hype.

Rachel Beyer

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