Etched On Me By: Jenn Crowell

This book was a complete and utter emotional rollercoaster. It followed the life of a young runaway named Lesley who was sexually abused and raped by her father from the time she was 13. When she was taken in by social services, she started school at an all girls high school, had a job, and lived in a hostel, closely watched by her loving child social services counselor. Unfortunately, at age 16, the traumatic events of the past few years started piling up on her and she started harming herself. One time, at school, she accidentally went too far and was rushed to the hospital. With the guidance of a caring teacher and the social services center, she found herself jumping from treatment facility to treatment facility with one suicide attempt in between, until she was successful in mitigating her self harm. She took enough classes to go to college where she graduated with honors, a best friend, and pregnant. The last chapters of the book were her fight to prove herself to social services; that she could safely raise her daughter. After a long fight she finally won.

Rachel Beyer

I am a full time engineer and a part time blogger/writer. I am passionate about reading, writing, biking, volleyball, and my pets.