Eleanor and Park By: Rainbow Rowell

Pages: 328
Finished: 1/3/15

This book was amazing. I read it in a day. It is, when broken down, just a love story of two awkward high schoolers. Yet it was a love story where every embarrassing moment, soft touch, kiss, and joke resonated with the reader. It pulled me right into their small yet profoundly complex world in the suburbs of Omaha. They both have deep family dynamics: Eleanor having an abusive step father, four younger siblings, and very little money or food and Park, a half Korean whose mom and dad both love him deeply but whose father doesn't understand him. Eleanor has to hide their relationship from her family while Park's family pens their doors completely to Eleanor. Eleanor fights serious bullying at school and both of them struggle with self confidence issues. The book itself is told in the third person, but switches between their perspectives, making everything all the more real and eventually clashing their worlds together when Eleanor's step father finds out about Park. With his parents permission, Park drives her several states away to safety at her Uncle's house and their love must pause. I. loved. this. book. 

Rachel Beyer

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