Dawn of Empire By: Sam Barone

This was an amazing historical fiction book. It is set about 5000 years ago or 3000 years before Christ. At this time, settling was rare but some groups, deemed 'dirt eaters' did farm and were a part of a small village. Barbarians who were nomads would destroy these villages, burn their fields, take people for slaves, and kill the rest. One such village, Orak, was raided, but the people had warning so they fled across the river to safety. The barbarians were mad and decided to come back and attack 10-15 years later. By this time Orak had grown significantly, with village leaders and organized trade. When they caught wind the barbarians were coming for Orak, they decided to stay and fights. Their leader was Eskaar, a former barbarian whose family was murdered so he ran away, found Orak, and settled there as a common soldier. Eskaar and his slave, Trella, devised a plan to build a wall and train all villagers in archery. Over 6 months, the village of Orak prepared: storing food, making weapons, training soldiers, and meticulously planning every form of their defense. When the time came for the raid, they were prepared. They lost many men but the village did not fall. Eskaar and Trella (now his wife) became the rulers of the first ever established city.

Rachel Beyer

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