Author Interview: Dallas Coryell

Title of Book: Melody’s Key

(Reviewer's Note: I gave this book 5 stars!)

A short description of book:

Melody’s Key is essentially about refusing to stop believing in love despite the negative circumstances life sometimes brings. It’s about overcoming your past to find the person you’ve been waiting for.

What inspired you to write? And what was the inspiration for this book?

I’ve been a writer for as long as I can remember. I think I’ve always loved taking people away to a different place. I penned my first “novella” in 5th grade entitled “King Arthur and the Gnome King”. I was obsessed with the story of King Arthur, and naturally, I wanted to combine it with my love of evil monsters. My dad said it was great ☺

For Melody’s Key, I think it was a story I desperately needed at the time. I was going through something very difficult in my personal life and writing the book (and music) seemed easier than endlessly searching for other songs and books to express what I was feeling.

What is the last book you read?

Abaddon’s Gate by James S. A. Corey. I’m a science fiction nerd at heart ☺

Who are your favorite authors/books?

The authors that first got me excited about reading and writing were Lloyd Alexander and C.S. Lewis. In 4th and 5th grade I read The Chronicles of Narnia all the way through twice, and in sixth grade I read all the books in the Chronicles of Prydain as well as Westmark and The Foundling. I was astounded at how Lloyd Alexander could merge several different compelling plotlines into one story.

Michael Crichton unexpectedly pulled me into the world of “grown-up” books when I read Rising Sun in 8th grade without really knowing what it was…probably shouldn’t have done that, but he was an amazingly detailed writer! More recently I thoroughly enjoyed all of the Hyperion books by Dan Simmons, which partially inspired my song Awaken. I read John Green, Nicolas Sparks and Stephanie Meyer in preparation for writing my new book Melody’s Key. The Fault In Our Stars was the first book I ever read that actually made me cry. I probably just lost my man-card for admitting that.

(TFIOS is the first book I cried during too, no shame in that!)

After all of your hard work, what does it feel like to be a published author?

I have been writing in private for so long, it seems like a natural progression. However, nothing could prepare me for the soul-crushing self-doubt that comes from submitting parts of one’s heart for review by complete strangers. It makes you question everything. I think that’s why it’s so important to write about something you completely believe in. That way if someone doesn’t like it, you can chalk it up to a difference in personality or taste instead of it being an indictment of everything you are or ever will be ☺

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