A Tale for the Time Being By: Ruth Ozeki

This was arguable one of the most beautiful and amazing books I have ever read. It paralleled two stories: one of a young Japanese girl, Nao, who grew up in California where her dad worked as a programmer in the .com era, the other from the perspective of a novelist living on an Island in Canada. Nao writes a diary and somehow it made it to the island in Canada where the novelist, Ruth, finds it in the sand near the ocean. It was thought to have been in the plume from the 2011 Tsunami. Ruth finds it and their past, present, and future crash together with an inspiring force. There is no way to capture the beauty of this novel unless you read it. I loved it with all of my heart and it is now one of my favorites.

Rachel Beyer

I am a full time engineer and a part time blogger/writer. I am passionate about reading, writing, biking, volleyball, and my pets.