A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier By: Ishmael Beah

Pages: 240
Date Finished: 2/14/15

This book changed my life. It is a memoir of a boy soldier from Sierra Leone. I cannot even begin to recount the horrors he lived through. After the rebels took over and killed everyone in his village, he never saw his family again. He was 12. After roaming the country for months, the army took him in trained him, and put him at the front lines of the war where he killed countless rebels and civilians. He was a trained killer and had lost all feeling except to get revenge for his family's brutal murders. Ishmael had to do this just to survive. He managed to live and fight through being shot multiple times. Eventually, UNICEF took him in to be rehabilitated. It was a long journey with many fights, nightmares, and sleepless nights. Eventually, they tracked down an Uncle of his whom he never met before. After he was released from rehabilitation, he lived with his uncle and family until the war came to the capitol and his uncle died. During this time he went to the UN in New York City where he met his future mom. Once war overtook the capitol of Sierra Leone he started his journey out of the country and eventually to America. This book was sad, terrifying and inspirational all at the same time.

Rachel Beyer

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